Voting opens 8th April 2019. To submit your vote for your chosen café, visit and complete the online voting form that will become available when voting opens.

Voting is open to Australian residents over the age of 16 (must be able to provide proof of an Australian residential address if required) who have been a customer of the café they are voting for.

Please try the following when experiencing trouble submitting your vote:

  1. Voting is restricted to 1 email address per vote. If you use the same email address, the system will not let you go forward.
  2. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please email

Each person can vote once, as verified by your email address.

There will be five (5) Prizes awarded in each State Group draw (Draw). The entries will be divided into State Groups as follows:

  • QLD
  • SA/NT
  • WA

The first valid five (5) entries drawn, in each Draw, will win one (1) $500 Universal Gift Card Prepaid Visa.

This Draw will take place at 10am on 14 May 2019. The total prize pool for each State Group is $2,500.