Countrywide Café of the Year 2019 Winners

Congratulations to this year's Countrywide Café of the Year 2019, Alowishus Delicious of Bundaberg, Queensland. Alowishus Delicious is a customer of our Distributor, North Coast Foods. The Alowishus team have won for the 2nd year in a row - what a HUGE achievement. All your hard work and effort has paid off. We are super happy to hear your plans of donating $10,000 to 2 worthy charities. A massive congratulations go to all the Region winners of Countrywide Café of the Year 2019:

Don’t miss out on the chance at $25k! Registrations closing soon!

Registrations close 5PM this Friday, 5th April 2019. The time is now cafes! Don't miss out on the chance to win $25k. Register at

Introducing Golden Crumpets for Foodservice

The much-loved Australian favourite, the Golden Crumpet, is now available frozen to foodservice venues across the country. Operators can now add the frozen crumpets to their order, meaning regional venues can now enjoy the same quality and convenience as the existing Tip Top frozen bread range. Perfect for cafés, the Golden Crumpet is a super versatile breakfast product. Its neutral flavours allow the toppings to shine and make them a great breakfast carrier for a real point of difference.

Is All Day Breakfast Right for your Venue?

Is All Day Breakfast Right for your Venue? Everyone’s doin’ it – should you? Australian diners have a penchant for brunch. Bacon, eggs and avocado tastes as good for many people at 3pm these days as it does at 8am. Those cafés looking to benefit from customers’ growing desire for a late brunch, might consider offering an all-day breakfast option to their menus. Even McDonalds has done it after all!