Introducing Golden Crumpets for Foodservice

The much-loved Australian favourite, the Golden Crumpet, is now available frozen to foodservice venues across the country. Operators can now add the frozen crumpets to their order, meaning regional venues can now enjoy the same quality and convenience as the existing Tip Top frozen bread range.

Perfect for cafés, the Golden Crumpet is a super versatile breakfast product. Its neutral flavours allow the toppings to shine and make them a great breakfast carrier for a real point of difference.

They’re also vegan! So, a great option for your plant-based diners.

Check out some of our favourite recipe ideas:

Golden Crumpets are now available frozen via your local Countrywide Distributors and can be kept in the freezer for six months, so you never have to worry about running out of stock.

They are frozen soon after baking to lock in freshness and defrost quickly - reducing waste and preparation time.

Get in touch with your local Countrywide distributor to add frozen Golden Crumpets to your order.