Tip TopPotato Bun Pulled Jack Fruit Burger


1 Tip Top Potato Bun, inside buttered
100g pulled jackfruit (see note)
1 tbsp taco spice mix
½ cup BBQ sauce
½ cup slaw
4 mint leaves, sliced
1 sprig coriander, stem removed
1/2 avocado, sliced
1 radish, sliced
Chipotle mayo


Step 1

Drain and clean jackfruit. Toss jackfruit with taco spices, sauté in a hot non-stick frying pan. Add BBQ sauce, bring to a simmer, then set aside to cool, shred more if required.

Step 2
In a hot, non-stick frying pan toast buttered potato bun, inside down, until lightly browned.

Step 3
Place base of bun on serving plate then top with slaw, mint, coriander and pulled jackfruit. Add sliced avocado, radish and squeeze of chipotle mayo. Place lid on top and serve immediately.


Jackfruit is a meat alternative and is available at health food shops and Chinese supermarkets. Purchase jackfruit in water not brine.

Serves: 1