Primo Pepperoni Baked Omelette


8 large eggs
1 cup of cream/milk
100g thinly sliced Primo pepperoni salami
100g swiss brown mushrooms
100g goats cheese
¼ cup flat leaf parsley chopped
1 french baguette


Step 1

Beat together in a bowl eggs and cream and then set aside. Crumble goats cheese and parsley into egg mix.

Step 2

In a frypan cook off pepperoni and mushrooms and set aside. Mix the two sets of ingredients together and season.

Step 3

In a 22 cm ovenproof frypan, over a medium heat add a small amount of butter to coat the pan. Add the mixture and mix through, a little like scrambled eggs for a minute to get started then put into the oven for 15 minutes or until just cooked.

Step 4

Serve with toasted baguette.

Serves: 4